Thank you, 2015! Hello, 2016! Happy New Year, Friends!

new year 2016

It is New Year’s Eve and I cannot believe 2015 has gone so fast! It’s definitely been a better year for me and it has brought me some good opportunities. So I cannot totally blame it for the lack of anything.

I’ve been writing my blog for the whole year and haven’t given up though I have just a few readers. It is a good sign! I’ll keep on working hard on it!

I’ve tried many new recipes, enlarged my collection of beautiful cookbooks! And I guess, I’ve finally come up to what I actually want to write about in my blog. Though I’ve tried to reject it for a very long time! Luckily my passion captured my mind!

Although I haven’t managed to fulfill all my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 in reality, I should say I have done a really good job! I ‘ve made a great progress in doing sports. And I hope to continue this habit in 2016. I’ve learnt a lot and read a lot of books on self-development. I’ve been more aware of what I eat. I wouldn’t say I am a healthy eater yet. But I am close. I wish getting at 6 a.m. has become my routine but I am still working on it. I failed my #100happydays challenge and I do not regret about it. All in all, happiness is what you feel inside and you do not have to show it off. I am a happy person anyway 🙂 And I haven’t traveled as much as I wanted. I’ll definitely catch up with traveling in 2016!

I hope, your 2015 was even better than mine. And I also feel that 2016 will be remarkable for me in a good positive way. It will be full of exciting events, great opportunities, new interesting projects. It will also bring success, luck and reliable people who could become new friends. 2016 will bring me to new places and widen horizons.

I wish you a lot of happiness and laughter! May you always be closer to people you love! Be healthy, sporty and full of energy! Believe in yourself! Surround yourself with positive people! Start doing something to become closer to your dream! Never give up! Bring kindness to the world! Be inspiration to others! Enjoy every moment of your everyday life, it’s the most precious! Travel and see the world! Read good books! Love!..

Stick with me and in 2016! Have fun and see you very very soon!



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