Christmas Gift Guide For Her

christmas gift guide for her



I’ve always thought that it is more difficult to choose a gift for a guy. But during the process of making “a Christmas gift guide for her” set on polyvore I had more difficulties with accumulating the right ideas for girls. Indeed. No kidding.

However, as long as today’s post is out, it means that I managed to deal with this hard task. And you can enjoy this post. I hope, my ideas will be helpful and save your time, trouble and stress.

I truly believe that Christmas holidays should be without any stress. Perhaps, we care too much about everything. Contemporary idea of being ideal in all spheres of life is completely annoying. How should one be perfect? I need to cheer you up a little bit, you little stressed human-being. If you don’t serve hundred of dishes for Christmas, don’t worry. If you don’t have time to perfectly decorate your house with all these Christmassy staff and your gifts are not wrapped up like they “should be”, don’t worry! If you hardly manage to repaint your nails with the bright nail polish, do not worry… etc.

Most importantly is to enjoy the company of your family and friends, not to hurry up, feel the moment and that special calmness inside of you. Calmness you don’t even remember you felt last time. These moments are everything we have. We anticipate. We can’t wait. Treasure them as they tend to go by so fast.

Coming back to today’s set… 🙂 See the full list of items accordingly as they appear in the icons under the image of the whole set. Happy shopping, guys!

Have you personally tried out or gifted any of the items I included to 2016 Christmas gift guide for her? What’s your impression?

P.S.: Have you seen my Christmas gift guide for foodies from the last year?




Christmas Gift Guide For Him

christmas gift guide

Hi guys! I thought I would do a traditional Christmas gift guide for you. I understand that not everyone is willing to commit to cooking and baking DIY gifts right now. It somehow takes our precious time. And time before Christmas flies extremely fast. So, if you are still looking for gift ideas, I hope this post will be helpful.Without further ado let’s get down to what I have found for you.

This time I divided the post  into two parts: Christmas gift guide for him and Christmas gift guide for her. Today I would like to present you amazing ideas for gifts for boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers or sons… I guess the age limit is 18+ for some items. In the USA even 21+. But it doesn’t matter how old your man is, he is gonna love these gifts.

Traditionally everything in this post is absolutely food related. Every single item can be used in our daily life. And every time a guy will use your gift, he will think of you as a person who dedicated a piece of heart and thoughtfulness by choosing this gift. It probably sounds too poetic now. So I will stop my small talks and describe you what is what.

I will go with each thing  one by one (follow the small icons under the collage):

What is your favorite gift idea? What’s the most uncommon present you have ever given to your male friends? I’d love to hear from you!



DIY Christmas Gifts Project: German Gingerbread (Nuremberg Elisenlebkuchen)

german gingerbread

Yet another lovely day is coming to an end. It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas Eve. But before you go to bed, check out the last in these series DIY Christmas Gift idea. I am talking about German Gingerbread or Nuremberg Elisenlebkuchen to be exact. It is probably the most Christmassy gingerbread ever. It smells cinnamon, cloves, almonds and candied fruits. Oh, how amazingly it tastes! The texture of the gingerbread is so soft and light. It literally melts in the mouth.

The recipe for icing and decoration leaves a room for creativity and imagination. You may choose chocolate frosting instead of classic powdered sugar. Sprinkle on top with everything you have at hand. It might be colorful sugar strands or caramel chips. Or may be you will choose to use simultaneously a few icings, e.g. white and dark chocolate… I have to say, the gingerbread is very sweet itself because of all this sugar and candied fruits. Addind icing on top makes it even sweeter. So, you will probably skip the icing at all and enjoy the pure Christmassy taste of Elisenlebkuchen.

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