Thick Pancakes With Apple Filling

thick pancakes with apple filling

I love thick pancakes. Fluffy, slightly browned with juicy filling. Apple filling is just perfect. It can be a bit sour or delightfully sweet. I pour some maple syrup on top of this fluffy pile and melt it immediately in my mouth. Mmm… what a joy!

I would say the recipe of these thick pancakes is sort of the Russian cousin of the recipe of American dinner pancakes. Sour milk product is the base, then I add a little bit of flour, egg, baking powder and soda, a pinch of salt and some sugar or Stevia in my case. In the end it is hard to state where the original roots of thick pancakes recipe come from. But I’ve known it as long as I’ve known myself. Continue Reading


Hello, spring!

hello spring outfit

Hello, spring! Hi, everyone! I am finally back from a very long break from all things blogging and taking pictures. Now that I am able to find some time for this little piece of me, my tiny unpretentious blog, I am even more inspired to share with you my favorite recipes, books/ movies/ worth reading/watching, thoughts on finding the true inner self and self-confidence. You’ll join me on my short trips around the globe or strolls around Warsaw, see my personal style improvement and whatever else…

I’ve also launched Russian language on my blog hoping my Mum and friends will stop by more often. Even though English has obviously become a great means of connection with people around the globe, still some stuff just cannot be described in any language but your native. Continue Reading


Christmas Dinner Ideas: Roasted Chicken With Rosemary

If you’ve been attracted by the title “Christmas Dinner Ideas: Roasted Chicken With Rosemary”, then you might be a busy human-being stuck in “the last week before Christmas” chaos. And maybe you are a little bit tired of Christmas preparations already. Though you’ve promised yourself to take it easy this year. But no… Perfectionism is your second name. Christmas shopping with all these attractive bright shopping windows trapped you. Again.

Roasted chicken sounds yummy and easy. Just like in childhood. It also sounds “no trouble”. You just rub the chicken with aromatic herbs and salt, put it in the heated oven and forget about it for an hour. One hour later your dinner is ready. It looks amazing, tastes amazing. Continue Reading