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As long as it is a matter of habit to get into a routine of blogging I am not used to yet, I decided to write about something light, easy and pretty much girly. Yep, nail polishes. Guys can quit reading this post right now.

As you might have noticed I am a big Essie fan. Great quality, great range of colors for any season and mood, good price and availability. What else can I ask for? Of course, I am going to try other brands too. If only it does not involve searching through the woods to get one.

Hopefully, you will get inspired enough to find your new nail polish color for the summer or any other occasion.

See you soon!

My color range starting from the upper row from left to right:

#162 Ballet Slippers (the name was completely erased from the bottle but I believe this is it. that’s what happens when you have something like forever)

#9 Vanity Fairest (my favorite nude at the moment)

#14 Fiji (a real disaster to apply it on my nails. I seriously do not understand why there is so much fuss about Fiji?!)

#74 Tart Deco (great for summer days)

#21 Flawless (nice pink color)

#871 Haute In The Heat (looks amazing on nails!)

#877 Dress To Kilt (great for fall or winter)

#444 Fifth Avenue (amazing orangey-red color)

#3026 Serial Shopper (from the neon collection, not sure if it is still available)

#878 Partner In Crime (just brown, not sure about it)

#272 For The Twill Of It (love this chameleon  color especially for December,  it gives that wonderful Christmas mood)

# Lots Of Lux (great color for parties!)

#879 Style Cartel (beautiful dark-blue color)

#792 No More Film (never tried it on my nails but looks like a nice violet color)

#3030 Sittin’ Pretty (from the neon collection)

#3032 Rock At The Top (golden topcoat that gives a festive mood!)

#3033 Summit Of Style (coppery gold beautiful topcoat!)

# Sparkle On Top (looks like snowflakes on nails)

#958 Set In Stones (my favorite top coat from the luxeffects collection)

# Ignite The Night (sometimes I use it for my pedicure, looks good!)

# Belugaria (it has a strange consistency like sand, I had a difficulty to apply it on my nails)

# Partner In Crime (the miniature of my full version)

# Sable Collar (pretty nice color for colder days)

# Style Cartel (another miniature)

# Dress To Kilt (another miniature from one of the seasonal collections)

# Jump In My Jumpsuit (looks similar to Dress To Kilt but somehow it is a different shade)

# Double Breasted Jacket (pretty pinky-coral color for beach days or summer in the city)

# Tuck It In My Tux (white and pretty)

# Take It Outside (one of the loveliest grayish colors I have ever owned)

# Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low (my favorite metallic color ever! try it if you manage to find it! it was from winter collection, I guess. Hopefully, they have it in their regular collection! mine is almost gone…)

PS: I had a lot of fun arranging these cute bottles for a little photo session. Girls are such girls 🙂 Do not forget to follow me on for blog updates!


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