Monday Thoughts: Uncertainty In Life

monday thoughts

monday thoughts

Not knowing for sure about your own life is scaring. It is good when you grow up and you know what you are going to do with your life, what major to do at University, how to make money for living. But what if you are always searching and trying to follow something that does not exist. And no one told you, you need to find yourself at least in something to survive in this world while you are still searching. I wish they tell it to children at school as not all the immature human beings manage to understand how real  grown-up life works. They create their own reality and live in it not realizing it is going to hurt them. And then it causes them emotional trauma. You have to have at least a little sketch for your life for the next half a year and fulfill it. Do not sit and wait. No one will come with the plans for your future. You are the one to build it. So build it. Start doing it. It will get easier on the way.

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