Life Lately #8

Life Lately

For the new episode of Life Lately posts I chose three things that cheered me up and awoke positive emotions in September. These are a music album, film of the month and cool documentary series. Intrigued? Yes, I would be too. Hope, you will get your dose of inspiration for the rainy October days 🙂

By the way, autumn is the best season to start film marathons during cold dark evenings. Hope, you will get your dose of inspiration for the rainy October days.

1. Film of the month of September is definitely “Bridget Jones 3” (or Bridget Jones’s baby). I haven’t left a movie in such great mood after watching the film in a long time. Time flied so incredibly quickly and I believe it is a good sign of a great movie. I would say the third part turned out to be still funny, amusing, so British in terms of sense of humor and humorous scenes. Isn’t it amazing? Traditionally directors tend to fail in shooting an adequate sequel of the story so beloved by a huge audience. Sharon Maguire did a good job twice! I advice all the non-fans of Bridget Jones to watch it too for a good laugh. Good, good, good! That’s the word for the film of the month. And I am not ashamed of repeating it again and again.

2. I would like to tell you very confidential information. Tsss… It’s about some documentary series “Begin Japanology”, “Japanology Plus” and “Lunch On!”… about Japanese culture. Every episode is approximately 28 minutes long. But these 28 minutes are an explosion of curious facts about Japanese traditions, their lifestyle and peculiar national traits of character. I am especially attached to the series dedicated to Japanese food. And it’s not only about sushi. Japanese food culture is full of incredible dishes enriching people’s organisms with the right nutritious elements. Besides, it tastes unforgettably. The sound of comforting ramen, aromatic curry, crispy tempura, hot pots, soba, noodles make my mouth water. Did you know that the Japanese eat rice and miso soup for breakfast? Would you like to know what the Japanese eat for lunch? Do you know what Wagashi is? I will get the answers in these unique series. I should only warn you they are very addictive!

3. What music inspired me in September? What music did I listen to more than usual? Unusually for myself it was Selena Gomez‘s latest album “Revival”. I also watched a few videos of the making of her video clips. She gave short interviews telling the story about the process of song writing, growing up and what makes her creative work different from what she used to sing and perform. I need to add that I have never been a fan of Selena Gomez. But “Revival” won my heart. It’s well thought out, feminine, young grown up, a bit sensual. Of course, I would consider only classic music, jazz or opera a piece of art. There is nothing to compare in terms of music depth and music brilliance. Somehow, Selena Gomez’s “Revival” sings to the tunes of my mood and soul at the moment.

What about your favorite music and movies of September? What was your choice? Any worthwhile suggestions? I would like to hear from you more often.

Tschuss, Annuschka




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