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I meant to publish this Life Lately #7 post in April and as you might see it has never happened until now.  The 9-5 office job I started exactly in April crashed all my plans to do anything on time. I try not to complain but it is very irritating when you want to do something big  and you have so little time left for that.  And you always feel tired juggling between work, private stuff, family and your project (blog in my case). Recognize yourself?

Maybe someone knows how to survive in this chaos?

Ok, today’s post has to be about inspiring films. About healthy food and hard working people in the restaurant world in particular. Let’s begin without further ado. Let’s talk about food!

1. For Grace (2015)

A documentary about Curtis Duffy, one of the US most renowed chefs, who is trying to build his own dream restaurant “Grace” despite all the obstacles and nightmares of his past that come out as he tells the story of his life. This film shows us the well-known truth: if you work really hard on your dream it will come true in a reward for your sacrifices. Why did I say sacrifices? Because any commitment we meet on the way to our dream is a sacrifice of our life pleasures, relationship with family members and close friends, our sleep and other activities…

At the end of the film after Curtis’ s restaurant gets three-star Michelin Guide award he says: “Yeah, it would be nice to understand happiness, sure. I mean, I’m happy, of course, but balance is what’s missing. In this lifestyle, there is no balance. You can’t be great at something and put 100% into everything without sacrificing something else. Because I’m so hungry for the professional, yet I’m still hungry for the personal. But this kinda overweights it. For some reason.”

Who could say it better? Watch this film on Netflix.

2. Hungry For Change (2012)

A very uplifting inspiring documentary about the bad effects of our modern diet on the go. How do the global food concerns deceive us? How much sugar do we eat in a day and how much do we go over the board of the daily norm? Why do we feel depressed without no reason? Why do we get tired so easily during the day? What’s wrong with the condition of our skin and body? So many questions…And only one answer. The problem is in our bad highly processed diet.

In this film you will be able to hear the opinions of the best experts in healthy food diet, Kris Carr and Joe Cross among them. I highly recommend to watch this film just to get this inspiring gulp of air if you still do not feel motivated enough to decrease the amount highly processed food in your life and switch to more healthy diet eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Food Matters (2008)

“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food.” — Hippocrates

Are you on drugs? You will say no. But it fact you are. You just don’t notice it. Do you eat nutritious food? You will say yes. But in fact no. Just read the long ingredients text on the package of you favorite “healthy” granola or oat cookies. Why doesn’t the food industry want us to be healthy? What is the problem of the medical studies at the medical colleges and the medicine in general? What should we do to get out of the hook of the pharmaceutical companies?  What steps should we take to heal our organism without tons of pills? All the answers you will find in the documentary.

4. Origins (2014)

Food is medicine or food is poison? Did you know that we live among tons of chemicals?  Why humanity is the only living species on the planet Earth who destroys the environment and simultaneously destroys himself? Did we forget where we come from?

The question now becomes: “How can we prosper on this living breathing planet and not burn her down. In order to fully understand this there is only one place to go – back to our origins.”

“Origins” really stands out among other documentaries of this kind as it is incredibly beautifully shot! Very epic and powerful. That’s how I would describe it. Haven’t you seen it yet?




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