Life Lately #4

It’s the middle of November! And I missed my Life Lately post on some inspiring shows in October.

I should say, I am on pre Christmas mood already. I have started cooking and shooting my propositions of meals for the festive time. So, it’s getting hard sometimes to turn on the reality and other many tasks I need to accomplish by the end of the year. I guess, I miss a little fairytale in my life. At least for a little while.

That was a little bit off topic. You must be wondering what I have prepared for you in this post.

1. TV show of this autumn: Downton Abbey

First episodes I couldn’t realize why everyone so admires this serial. And then I began to enjoy it. Every single part of the show is amazing starting from the astonishing scenery, costumes to the casting and the plot itself. I even bought Harper’s Bazaar because of Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) on the cover. I should say for sure, I miss manners, good breeding and fashion of that epoch nowadays.

2. The inspiration of the month was definitely Victoria Beckham.

After I had watched an interview with her, I felt such respect to her personality and what she does. She has talent, strong character and something a real woman has. I recommend to watch the interview , especially if you have strong passion for something but you are afraid to show off.

3. I really enjoyed watching “The Future Of Fashion With Alexa Chung” on British Vogue YouTube channel.

Not only I adore Alexa. She is my fashion icon, in fact. But the whole program is full of interesting interviews with professionals in different fields of fashion industry. If you are interested in fashion and you haven’t seen “The Future of Fashion”, I encourage you to do it right now.

4. I tried a really cool fat burning full body workout video on YouTube. 100% recommend to include it in your fitness routine.

5. And the last one. I just wanted to say I am in love with Parisian chic at the moment.

After I read the book “How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are”, I feel so inspired. I like Parisian girls attitude to life, there lifestyle and effortless looks. This is something I am missing all the time. Parisians, how you do it?!

I guess, my whole everyday routine should be changed. And the other thing I came to realize is I should start photographing almost every single day of my life, the smallest details that make me happy, people I love. And I should plan a small trip to anywhere as soon as possible. I need a little getaway to distract myself from the usual.


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