Life Lately #3

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Time flies incredibly fast especially when you have a lot going on. And I guess my new edition of Life Lately posts has been missed a lot. If you do not know what Life Lately is about, I’ll tell you in a few words. It is a summary of everything inspiring I’ve seen, experienced, read recently and I would gladly like to share it with you, my readers!

I believe, I have to sum up at least half of the past summer for you, guys, this time. So, let’s start from a scratch!

1. I finished watching “Girls” TV show somewhere in the middle of summer. And I find it hilarious! In a good way. It is the second show on HBO that somehow spoke to me. The first one was “Sex and the City”. And it’s all about sex again… Well, in “Girls” sex scenes are quite obvious and you have to get used to them as the part of the show. But it’s not about sex at all (though it brings a lot of fun moments to the show). It is about young and ambitious girls in their mid-20-s living in New York and trying to settle their lives the best they could. They are educated and smart but the lack of life experience make them do a lot of stupid mistakes on the way to happiness. As Lena Dunham (the creator and starring actress) says in her interview to the Fortune magazine “Girls” are about transition in life that can happen to anyone at any age whether you start life after collage or your kids leave parent’s house or you want to change your career path. It is “a certain moment of lostness” but you pull yourself together to show you can offer to the world. And though the characters seem to be pessimistic about things they still bring those uplifting vibes about how they can change the world. I feel like we are in the same boat with the main character Hannah at many points. I think almost everyone at their mid-20-s feels the same. And if you are a fan of New York views and lifestyle then you have to see this show unless you’ve already done it!

2. I happened to watch the life story of Gordon Ramsay and was totally impressed by his strong personality and determination on his way to success. The beginnings were hard. And the will to become the best in the culinary world appeared at the point of having lost life priorities and goals. The story of Gordon Ramsay’s success shows once again that nothing comes without working hard on developing your skills. And there were times of high and low. But Mr. Ramsay managed to save his face and brilliantly go through all the difficulties up to the place where he is now in. I advise you to watch  his story if you are interested in getting inspired by the biographies of famous successful people.

3. One of my latest discoveries was the YouTube channel or the FoodTube to be exact of Jamie Oliver. As you might have already noticed, I love love love cooking a lot. I do not show it much on my blog yet but cooking is my biggest hobby and passion that I would like to continue and develop my skills further. So, Jamie Oliver has been known to me for a very long time thanks to his TV shows on Kitchen TV. But his FoodTube turned out to be a real treasure to me! I not only enjoyed watching Jamie cooking in his YT videos but also discovered a lot of fun and passionate about cooking people featured on FoodTube. Jamie Oliver discovered so many young and talented amateur cooks ready to share their love and passion (how many times I used this word, I wonder?) for great and easy food and having fun with the whole process of cooking in the kitchen.

My new favorites are The Dumpling Sisters. I can’t wait to buy a wok and start cooking their Chinese recipes! Go and check them out!

4. In August I rewatched “Eat, Pray, Love” and I hope to reread the book as soon as I get it back. I would say, the film is the category of films that speak to the audience. The opinions about the movie are quite opposite. It is pretty often underestimated and critisized for the lack of emotional depth and not fully covering the book. But I personally enjoy watching “Eat, Pray, Love” movie. Julia Roberts did the part brilliantly. And this is probably another reason the movie wins my heart. I enjoy watching the Italian part of Liz’s adventure (everything Italian is my greatest weakness, I am sold as long as pasta is involved). The whole story is genious. Anyone at any time could find oneself in the moment when something is missing in life, the appetite for any smallest aspect of life is lost. And the only way to rediscover yourself is to let yourself go and start a journey to clear your mind and value little everyday pleasures in your life! “Eat, Pray, Love” is truly a good motto for every single lost soul.

5. Continuing a YouTube topic are you following Klossy by Karlie Kloss? This is probably the first personal channel of such a well-known world top model ever. You can see the backstage of the biggest fashion shows, daily life of a super model, how any photo shoots take place, ask Karlie anything and just find out anything you ever wanted to know about fashion world. I think, Karlie could be the role model to all the young girls. She is smart, intelligent, curious about life and knowledge (she’s started her classes at UNY this fall), energetic, sporty (Pilates plays a big part in her daily routine), fun, friendly, smiley and just a girl with a big warm heart (in 2012 she took part in a charity project Karlie’s Kookies to help feed starving children around the world). Karlie, keep it up! You are amazing!

While writing this post it came to me I might do a post sharing with you the list of my top favorite movies I watch again and again. Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to watch a nice movie in the evening. Coming soon….

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