Life Lately #2

life lately

life lately

I thought I would share with you some of my latest news and recent findings today.

All of a sudden a few days ago I became an owner of a cute little kitty. Perhaps, I bothered my Man too much with the cat topic, so he finally gave up. I heard the doorbell ringing, took my time to open the door and saw a big box left on the ground. It was mewing out loud. I opened the box and there he was. Little furry guy with the red ribbon over his neck. To say I was shockingly surprised is to say nothing. We named him DJ. And I am glad we have him. More cat stories are coming up soon, I guess.

Apart from cats I discovered for myself Tavi Gevinson. Not that I haven’t known anything about her. But I have never paid attention to her personality. I somehow missed that period when she firstly became known to the world. But the interviews and talks she participated in have recently made a great impact on me. It is good to know that such great minds and voices like Tavi exist among the younger generation (by “younger” I mean those young people who came to this world a little bit later then I did). This girl has such a clear understanding of what she says. And she has a lot to say. She is intelligent and funny and witty and well-read, open-minded and open-hearted. What I like the most about Tavi is that she is not afraid to express what’s on her mind and be genuine. No matter what people think of her. I wish more and more girls on this planet would take at least 10% of her self-esteem. I believe women nowadays should be strong enough not to be afraid of give their voices and speak to the world.

The other girl that has been inspiring me lately is Kiesza. Her voice, her moves, her songs, her music, her performance on the stage, her fashion looks so different from the others. I admire the singers that do not try to resemble someone else who is already on top of all music charts. They believe in their own individuality and their unique talent. And they share it with the world. Here I also wanted to bring it to those who is afraid to show their talents to the world: stop hiding your great works on a shelf. The world needs you!

The last thing I wanted to write about in this post is the media pressure on a young generation. I was reading the interview with Natalia Vodianova in June’s issue of Glamour magazine (Russia) and she was asked if she admitted the cult of youth was pretty much more popularized in USA rather than in Europe. She said that indeed everyone went crazy about “the young blood” and especially about the tons of money that follow  it. And she also added that in Europe it feels different. And one can still feel the admiration while standing next to Catherine Deneuve. Yes, that’s true. But media also admire young IT girls (or guys) under 30 who turned into young entrepreneurs or fashion designers or TV presenters or whoever else. Look, how young they are and they already have it all. When a young person listens to such stories it feels inspiring at the beginning. But then it brings too much pressure. And by the age of 29 one feels as if a loser in case one did not manage to reach the top yet. Anyways, success comes with the time and after a very hard work. If only media showed what it takes to become rich and successful. Instead we see only dolce vita in pictures…

Credits: #1 pic by Annuschka; #2 pic by  Annuschka’s hubby; #1 video by CBS Sunday Morning;  #2 video by Ideas At The House; #3 video by New York Magazine; #4 video by Kiesza

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