Instagirls That Inspired Me To Change My Lifestyle


Instagram is a great source of inspiring accounts of people who might live on the other side of the planet but the idea they try to bring to us daily through their instapics is capable of reaching us no matter wherever we are! (Have you ever met with any Instagram definition before?:)

So, when I was trying to bring some sport into my life I started looking for any kind of inspiration that could help me change my attitude to sport. Here is what I found.



At that time I already read the blog of amazing Dasha Gaivoronski, a Russian beauty living in Adelaide, Australia. She is not only a fit Mom and wife, but also a business woman and she has recently become a personal fitness trainer! On her blog and Instagram account @bagsandbunnies she posts inspirational photos of her dream body, short videos of the trainings she does, colorful pics along with the recipes of her clean food dishes, her fashion outfits, a piece of Australia, beaches and ocean. When I look at her pictures on a gloomy day, they make me smile! I imagine myself on a sunny warm beach while it is raining outside, for example 🙂



It turned out Dasha is a friend of Kayla Itsines, another huge fitness inspiration for me and millions of other girls around the world. She jokingly calls her followers Kayla’s army or bbg girls. Among other useful definitions you’ll need to understand bbg community better is that famous Kayla’s pose. When you hear it, be sure girls are talking about the pose showing up biceps 🙂 Kayla is a personal fitness trainer in Australia, an author of the effective fitness guide that anyone can purchase on her official website and just a huge amount of positive energy she brings into the world! Her Instagram account is all about healthy lifestyle, daily fitness inspiration, motivating notes and the pictures of an amazing fitness progress of other girls around the world who work out according to Kayla’s guides. When I feel lazy to do sports I look at Kayla’s pictures and it is enough for me to stand up and start working out immediately!



The last girl I want to tell you about today is also an Australian sunshine from Sidney! Well, I guess Australian girls really rock this party! Tanya Poppett and her Instagram account @achieving_balance are just amazing! Tanya posts quite a lot of short videos of her high-intense workouts I truly love! And the best part is the background, the beach! Besides, Tanya as other fitness girls promotes the idea of life in motion. It was her who wrote those inspirational words about the importance of developing strong and healthy body not making the gap between the thighs and the definition on the stomach the main focus and reason of working out. What is more, Tanya is also a Fitness Instructor and vegetarian. She regularly posts the recipes of sweet healthy yummies I am craving to try to cook one day.

I hope you enjoyed today’s fitness inspirational post. I am wondering if you happen to follow any of these girls on Instagram. If not, start doing it right now! These girls will make you work out even if you are trying to find a good excuse not to do it. It works well for me!

Photo credit: all the photos used in collages for this post belong to Dasha Gaivoronski, Kayla Itsines, Tanya Poppett and were taken for a non-commercial use from their Instragram accounts accordingly @bagsandbunnies, @kayla_itsines and @achieving_balance


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