Hello world!

hello world

Hello world! It is never the right time to start something new. And the more we think it over, the less chances are left for a real try.

I’ve wanted to make something on my own for quite a while now and it has never met a success. So I’ve almost given up. But due to my stubbornness when some really good and at the same time crazy idea gets stuck in my head, I can’t sleep, I can’t dream, I can’t do anything but think it over and over again. Then goes a click as if with the help of a magic wand here it comes to reality, a dream I’ve had for so long.

This blog is really a big challenge to me. And though in some way I am afraid to meet my friends’ or someone else’s misunderstanding, I am ready and extremely eager to take up the challenge and dive into the world of my imagination and creativity. Hope, it will catch someone’s fancy.

Follow me and you will find out the plan for the improvement of your life and the way I am going to realize mine!

By the way, my name is Annuschka. Nice to meet you!





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