DIY Christmas Gifts Project: Candied Orange Rounds In Sugar Coat

candied orange rounds in sugar coat

Hey, guys! Welcome to my second blog post dedicated to DIY Christmas gift project series. Today we’ll be making Christmas candied orange rounds in a sugar coat. It sounds like a dose of sugar on our way. Don’t worry! No one will be able to eat too many candied oranges at once. And a small portion of candied oranges, I mean 2-3 pieces a day, won’t do you much harm. Of course, if you are absolutely against sugar, please, skip this recipe.

It is medically proven that candied oranges are one of the healthiest sweet treats ever. Of course, the healthiest part will be orange peels. Yes, you haven’t misheard. Orange peels. They contain the whole wealth of vitamins C, B1, B2, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. But they are mostly precious for ethers which resist the process of destruction during cooking in syrup. As you may know, ethers act as antibacterial substance and help to beat the cold.

candied orange rounds in sugar coat

candied orange rounds in sugar coat

How does it taste? Refreshing. Fruity. Quite sweet. I usually have a few pieces with my cup of black tea. Don’t be afraid of eating orange peels. They aren’t so bitter as you might think as during the process of cooking orange peels deal with the boiling water and are soaked in water for a while. It helps the peels to get rid of bitterness and gain milder taste. Of course, the ethers I was talking about above remain in the peels. And you can feel it while chewing a piece of candied orange. But the taste is much more improved after all the cooking in syrup and sugaring process.

candied orange rounds in sugar coat
candied orange rounds in sugar coat
candied orange rounds in sugar coat

Apart from all the healthy and taste benefits just imagine how wonderfully these bright candied orange rounds in sugar coat look in a nice crystal jar! Use some creativity, festive ribbons and Christmas gift tags. Offer your gift with a wide smile and maybe a pinch of nicely tasting tea blend. Oh… and don’t forget about the Christmas card with the warmest wishes. Souds like a good Christmas gift, huh?

Let me know if you decided to make candied oranges for a last minute gift. What are your favorite proven DIY Christmas gifts? Share your ideas in the comments!

candied orange rounds in sugar coat
candied orange rounds in sugar coat
candied orange rounds in sugar coat

Candied Orange Rounds In Sugar Coat


  • 3 oranges
  • 2 cups sugar ((+some additional sugar for coating))
  • 1 cup water


1. Prepare two bowls: one with hot water and the other one with cold water. Cut oranges into rounds or half rounds and put them into the bowl with hot water and leave them for one minute. As soon as the oranges rounds are soft, put them into the bowl with cold water. Let the orange rounds chill, then pour out water.
2. In the saucepan mix together 2 cups of sugar with 1 cup of water. Bring the syrup to boil at a low heat. Put the orange rounds into the syrup so that they are all soaked in the syrup.
3. Simmer the orange rounds for 1-1,5 hours. Don't let the syrup boil.
4. Lay down orange rounds on the rack covered with the parchment paper. Let orange rounds dry at room temperature for 24-48 hours or in the oven at the minimum temperature for 2-3 hours till the orange rounds get dry.
5. Optionally roll orange rounds in sugar. Store in a glass jar in a dry cool place.

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