The Best Films About Food To Watch In November

the best films to watch

November nights are just made for watching good movies. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it takes an effort to keep myself in the right mood. I’ve noticed that I’ve slowly switched to an energy-saving mode. I reduce the number of tasks I need to deal with and spend more time reading books and watching movies. Well, maybe it’s just what my organism needs before all this Christmas time rush comes. But I hope, I will manage to reduce it to the minimum level, somehow.

So, I created my own list of top 5 films about food you will have a pleasure to watch. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or chocolate, stock up with loads of pop corn and enjoy your evening in the company of very passionate and joyful characters. 

1. Julie&Julia (Passion. Ambition. Butter. Do you have what it takes?)

I couldn’t start my top 5 movies chart without mentioning “Julie&Julia”. This is the most heart-warming, kind and inspiring film based on two true stories and directed by Nora Ephron (the director of “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail” etc). And, of course, my favorite one. You cannot even imagine how many times I watched it. It especially touches heart when you feel down and feel like all you are aiming for is so out of reach.

It’s funny that I actually associate myself with the main character Julia. She is almost thirty and lives in an apartment with husband and a cat. She has a tiny kitchen and big ambitions. She is bored with her job in the office and feels kind of envious of her more successful friends. But she has the biggest passion in life. It’s cooking. Julia starts the blog in order to finally accomplish any project she’ s ever started till the very end. Julia has to cook all the 524 recipes out of Julia Child’s cookbook during one year. Her cooking journey is simultaneously challenging, hard but incredibly addictive. You will watch Julia learn to stick to the strict plan, face all the difficulties and handle her own break-downs. In parallel, you will follow the story of Julie Child, a legendary woman on the USA culinary scene, whose book and great personal enthusiasm inspired Julia to start her the blog and change her life forever…

I would dedicate this film to those who have passion but need a little bit of courage and self-discipline to successfully fulfill one’s ambitious ideas into life.

2. Eat, Pray, Love (Let Yourself Go This August)

If you regularly read my blog, then you probably know that I have mentioned this film before in my Life Lately post series. “Eat, Pray, Love” is not strictly about food but about simple life pleasures. Including food, no doubt.

Have you ever tried to enjoy your dinner without rush? Feel how it tastes…Have you ever enjoyed dining out by yourself leisurely reading a fresh newspaper, watching people hustling around, listening to the symphony of street noises mixed with the sound of the waiter pouring wine into the glass and the crunch of bread just out of the oven. And that incredible smell of pasta with rich tomato sauce, aromatic basil and nutty smell of parmigiano…Will you resist to eat the whole pizza with crust and melted mozzarella?

Yeah, Italian food always sounds like celebration of life.

Elizabeth, the character of Julia Roberts, will help you learn simple life pleasures you probably forgot about in the rush of the day. So did Elizabeth. When suddenly one day she decides to give up everything that is going on in her life and hit the road in search of the meaning of life and her existence.

I would dedicate this film to those who are lost on the life path. Start enjoying every moment in your own company!

3. Chef (Starting From Scratch Never Tasted So Good)

The film “Chef” bursts out with positive vibes, Latin rhythms and lots of sunshine. Sounds like a remedy for us suffering from the lack of sun in winter.

Chef Carl Casper tries to oppose to restaurant critic and loses his job. This combination of circumstances turns out to be the best opportunity for him  to change his life and start doing something on his own. Carl buys a food truck and cooks Cuban style sandwiches which become popular all over the city. With the help of his smart little son Carl’s sandwiches are welcomed and anticipated everywhere in US. Carl, his friend and son set off for a trip, having fun on the way and seeing new places and selling mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches.

Seriously, the amount of scenes with great street food and Miami vibes make you want to look for another grab of something as tasty as these sandwiches. Besides, you may learn social media marketing on the way. Percy, Carl’s son, shows lessons on using Twitter for your personal promotion the best way possible.

So, I would dedicate this film to those who stumbled over unpleasant circumstances. It is the right time for you not to give up and fulfill your secret dreams keeping your head up.

4. Burnt (Never Underestimate a Man With Nothing To Lose)

This film is for restaurant and culinary lovers for sure. It shows well the real atmosphere of the restaurant kitchen and harsh approach of the chef to the members of the kitchen crew to keep the discipline and enthusiasm. I almost cried watching “Burnt” in the movies. Why? Because I’ve never seen such beautiful scenes in zoom showing the process of creating food pieces of art and well-coordinated work of the whole kitchen crew. Just amazing.

As the person who is familiar with the restaurant work backstage, it is always a pleasure to remind yourself of all the fun and hard work of serving good food and offering the best service possible to the customers.

Adam Jones, the Chef returns to the restaurant business after years of dark times. He builds the strongest team and opens a restaurant in London competing with the best restaurants in town and aiming to get his Michelin star whatever it takes….They say the character of Chef was inspired by Gordon Ramsey well known for his explosive behavior.

I would dedicate this film to those who needs a second chance after the failure. All you need is just a pinch of bravery and belief in your own talent.

5. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a fairy-tale in the list. “Charlie and The Chocolate Factor” is shot in the best traditions of Tim Burton’s movies featuring one of the most talented actors Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

According to the plot a young boy Charlie Bucket coming from a very poor family wins a tour through the most mysterious chocolate factory in the world run by the most uncommon and a little bit crazy chocolate maker in the world…

I would dedicate this film to everyone who needs a little miracle and fairy-tale in their lives.  If you keep kindness in your heart, the world will show its kindness to you in return.

What are your favorite movies, foodies?




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