2015: New Year’s Resolutions

new year resolutions

There is a sort of a tradition among the bloggers (and not only them) to sum up the past year and set some goals for the upcoming one. We write down cheerful resolutions and promise ourselves to be good at sticking to them.

Perhaps, you have already done it.

I’ve usually avoided this tradition until now. Then I realized I needed to completely change my lifestyle and my life in whole. Since 2014 was not that easy for me to live through I could not wait to the 2015.

2014 was the year of constant self-reflections and lack of self-confidence. I was bothered with uncertainty which path I should take to go further. I was completely lost in my feelings and thoughts. Besides, as I lost my job at the end of 2013 I spent the whole 2014 searching for a good new one. And it was no good.

I’ve started 2015 with the thought that this time I will be a success in everything I would decide to do. I am not going to invent something global, just some fresh improvements to make my life better.

new year resolutions

new year resolutions

Experience my body transformation

I’ve always been in a bad relationship with sports. Probably, that’s why I could not look at my beach photos from the last vacation. I felt extremely weak and tired all the time. And finally, I envy those beautiful girls with sexy bikini bodies. So, why should I be any worse? At the end of 2014 I started working out at home. I am going to continue to do it on a regular basis this year. As soon as it becomes a habit I will join my favourite pilates studio or gym.

Eat healthy foods

At the moment I cannot resist Belgian fries or some chocolate. But this is going to happen as soon as possible. I’ll keep on cooking food in a healthier way, I mean steamed or stewed. I really want to learn the easiest recipes ever to make my food routine as simple and healthy as possible. Besides, I promise myself to restrict the amount of chocolate I eat and drink more water.

Get up at 6 a.m.

I am not an early bird person. And waking up late really complicates life and daily plans. It makes me disorganized. Besides, I feel like I am missing half of the day and do not enjoy the rare rays of sun we get here in Poland. Getting up early in the morning makes the day longer and there is a chance to manage to do more useful things for myself. For example, do more sports.

Develop my blog

I am a newcomer in a blogging sphere though I have been following some blogs for years. But I have always wanted to have my own blog where I could share my photos, my point of view and write and write and write. I love writing since childhood. I want to make writing my habit, regular activity that will get me closer to my dream. I want my blog to be an inspiration to other people to follow their dreams, to become the best versions of themselves, be more confident and happy. It may sound a bit cheesy but that is my point.

Travel more

Last year I went on some small trips more than I usually did. I noticed how much inspired I came back home. Sometimes when life becomes such a routine that you can hardly breathe, a little getaway brings a gulp of fresh air you needed. I am going to continue this experience and add some new destinations to my travel wish list for this year.

This is it for me. I also have a few self-improvement projects that I will share with you later. I hope, you will join me in my journey through 2015!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?







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