10 facts about me

facts about me

I decided to share with you 10 random facts about me so that you could get to know me better.

1. I am a great fan of tea. Mostly green and camomile. I keep at least 5 blends of tea at home, sometimes more.

2. Italian cuisine is my all-time favorite. I do not know what is so special about it but it makes me happy.

3. I have been a true reader of the magazine “Glamour” (Russian edition) since 2004. Thank you Glamour for making every issue just incredible!

4. I love cooking. At the moment I am in search of easy healthy recipes that I’ll share with you here on my blog.

5. I love travelling but I hate packing suitcases. My dream is to go and see Santa Clause’s residence in Finland and the whole Scandinavia, visit Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Canary Islands… Come back to Italy… see the whole world!

6. Every season I look forward to the broadcasting of Haute Couture shows in Paris. Elie Saab’s show is my most anticipated and favorite one from season to season.

7. I am doing my best to make sport a part of my life. It is a big deal for me as I am quite lazy as far as it concerns sport. But I am making some progress.

8. I like the idea of minimalism. Keep it gorgeous and simple! As Dominique Loreau says.

9. All of my friends live in different parts of the world. I miss them so much!

10. It took me 5 years to come to the final decision to launch and develop my personal blog. It was the moment like “now or never”.

Hope, you liked 10 facts about me. Do we have anything in common? Please, leave your comments.





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