Penne with Salmon, Green Peas and Cream Sauce

penne with salmon green peas and cream sauce

I know the weather is oddly changeable this year. It’s either unbearably stuffy, or hardly warm, or windy, or rainy, or whatever else. You barely get it. Surprisingly I am fine with things as they are. Well, perhaps it’s been moderate outdoors so far. Even a few thunderstorms and rain that happen from time to time seem not to bother me at all. Though, I have to say meteorological situation has definitely had impact on my daily ration. I crave for eating warm, nourishing, thick, creamy comfort food. Quite untypical of me and my summer menu. Oh no, I do not complain, not in the least. I just try to be careful about calories as me and exercising scarcely see each other these days.

Oh, what am I pointing at? Actually, I’ve wanted to present you the recipe of Penne with Salmon, Green Peas and Creamy Sauce. Continue Reading


Favorite Pasta alla Carbonara for a fresh new start

pasta carbonara

As I am writing this “Pasta Alla Carbonara”… I am getting hungry just thinking about these magic words. So good. It’s +28 outside as I am preparing this post to go live. Tropical May weather for real. Yes, I wrote this text in May:) And I can’t help but craving for the long straps of heaven in my mouth. Again. Again and again. And last Sunday I had Pad Thai for dinner. And before that another Pad Thai on a night market. Life is all about pasta from all around the world.

From now on I’ve decided to write about pasta. Continue Reading