Life Lately #5

The first month of 2016 is behind us. How was it for you? Did you manage to live it the way you wanted? Did you manage to complete everything you planned? What inspired you in January? Or it just passed you by?

I think, it’s time to share with you in this Life Lately#5 post some interesting videos I found inspiring in January. Just three positions. But you will like them as I did. And I can’t wait for the new season of “Girls” at the end of February!

1. Once I came across this short video with Cameron Diaz where she speaks about fame and the way she defines it, she shares her memories of her parents and the loss of her father. It turned out the video is taken from a huge video project released by the filmmaker and the artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He spent 3 years making real-life stories from more than 2 thousand women and men in 60 countries. He touched very personal and emotional topics to everyone and with this he showed people as humans. Humans with their own struggles and fears, full of love and happiness no matter what. This is #WhatMakesUsHuman. By the way, the project exists in several versions and translated in several language. Find yours on YouTube!

What I especially liked in Cameron’s story are her sincere words and her openness. She seems so authentic, so real. Perhaps, that’s why she is such an inspirational woman to me. Well, I am sure you will start treating her differently if you read her book “The body book” where she talks about her evolution of her attitude to health and physical exercises. In this book she seems so close and real to everybody. It feels no gap between her as a film star and us as her viewers.  I can’t wait for her second book to come out this year!

Coming back to the video she says” if you are looking for fame to define you then you will never be happy”. “You will always be searching for happiness. You will never find it in fame”. “Why do you want to do anything you do? You have to be motivated by something”. “Fulfillment comes from within you by being authentic to yourself. Not chasing fame”. To love and being loved are the most important things…etc.

2. Yes! The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung is back with 2 new episodes on British Vogue YouTube channel! This time Alexa talks about how to get a job at Vogue. She interviews women of different positons at British Vogue starting from the editor Alexandra Shulman and continuting with stylist, fashions directors and digital editors of Incredible motivating stories of women who accidentually made it to Vogue, daily tasks and the chalenging job in fastly changing digital world of fashion are waiting for you in the new episodes of Future of Fashion. I can’t wait for the next films with Alexa. She is such a live person and an inspiring fashion icon of nowadays!

3. The film of the month is definitely “Joy” starring Jennifer Lawrence. It tells the story of a girl Joy from an ordinary family with an extraordinary imagination and inventive mind. The only person who believes in her and always cheers her up was her Grandma. Joy leads that classic scenario life we all well know and is not happy about it. She feels lost and empty. In addition to that her relatives give her lots of trouble along the way. Once a brilliant idea helps her to come up with the invention and become a true business woman. She is scared but obsessed with her innovation. But somehow she manages to come out the box and restrain her fears to win. So many dishonest people, mistakes, problems and family drama will follow Joy on the way to the top of her success. Being a strong woman she comes out of the storm of misfortune and wins this never-ending struggle with the ordinary.

While watching this movie I felt the character of Joy was so appealing to me. A struggling part of her but at the same time so gentle and trembling related to me so much. I think, Joy will relate to every heart of a warrior. Watch this movie if you haven’t seen it yet. I am sure it will lift you up and inspire not to give up on your dreams no matter how hard the road to success is.

4. And the last TV movie I want to talk about is “Flesh and Bone”, I watched in January. The actual premier was in November 2015. It’s an incredible show about ballet dancers from American Ballet Company in New York. It’s dark, beautiful, mysterious, dramatic, full of conflicts of opposites, ambiguous and undisguised. It’s where the high art ballet meets dirty and miserable reality. It’s the beauty and the damned. It’s the purity and chastity of a dance mixed with sexual lust and dangerous mafia games. That’s how I would describe “Flesh and Bone”.

Like any modern movie it’s pretty much outright concerning the nudity, drugs and sexual scenes. But if you’re OK with that it won’t stop you from watching the show till the very end. It shows everyday hard work of ballet dancers, hypocrisy, perfidy and lies on the way to the success on the ballet stage. You’ll see the love line, incest and dark intensions. What would you do for success?

I think, it’s a great TV show since the “Black Swan” movie when I actually fell in love with the ballet themed movies. Just watch the opening credits, how beautiful everything is made! It’s a shame it’s only 8 episodes long. I wish they made continuation of the story.

What about you? What did you see and like in January? What inspired you the most?




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