Hot Chocolate With Orange Juice and Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

It’s 5 a.m. in the morning. And I am writing this post. What if it’s all wrong and what I am doing doesn’t have any sense. My man says not to lie to myself and consider if my “hobby” is really worth all the energy, time and effort I put into it. How can I even think about it? Have you ever thought that way about your passion or dream you follow? Well, the only thing I am confident about at this moment is healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a nice cup of hot chocolate with orange juice. It sounds like a good idea.

I often get inspired by tasting different food and drinks at all kinds of places possible in Warsaw and other cities or countries. Last year I had this wonderful hot chocolate and orange juice drink at Wedel cafe.  Note: Wedel is the well-known brand of all things chocolate in Poland. They have a few cafes in Warsaw where you can order any kind of hot chocolate and even chocolate pancakes if you’d like. At each cafe there is small shop offering all the Wedel chocolate products. During Christmas time they sell chocolate figures reminding of a snowman or a giant Christmas tree toy, a reindeer and whatever else.

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

So, getting back to my hot chocolate orange juice drink… I liked it so much that I decided to recreate a simple version of it for my blog. And the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my discovery from the times of my biggest challenge quitting sugar. I occasionally came across the recipe on webpage in my favorite video section and thought it might be great to try it out. And here it is. This blog post featuring healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate with orange juice. Yes! You, me and everyone else need it for this certain time of the year.

What makes these oatmeal cookies different from the billions of other oatmeal cookies recipes? First of all this is a healthier version featuring all the natural ingredients. Besides, it’s sugar-free. For the chocolate chip you use dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao. Oats as you know contain specific type of fiber which positively effects on our level of cholesterol and antioxidants  which help to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. I can keep on telling you about all the good aspects of oats….I advise you to read an article on the oats to discover all the pros of this magical ingredient.

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

Let me tell you a word in favor of dark chocolate to make you believe it is actually beneficial for health. Did you know that good quality dark chocolate contains natural antioxidants called tocopherol (vitamin E). It helps to delay the process of aging and indeed prolongs life for 15 years! Can you imagine? Of course, even the consuming of dark chocolate should be moderate and shouldn’t exceed certain daily limit.

I believe, the combination of dark chocolate and an oatmeal mixture makes cookies an absolute healthy bomb. So, in case of an emergency when you think of a cheat meal, just remind yourself of this recipe and give yourself a healthy dessert treat.

Next posts on the blog are  supposed to be oh so Christmassy. We are going to prepare together DIY gifts for your food loving beloved ones. Can’t wait to finish editing photos and show you what amazing ideas I got for you. Stay tuned!

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies

hot chocolate oatmeal cookies


Hot Chocolate With Orange Juice and Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Prep time5 minutes
Cook time18 minutes
Total time23 minutes
From magazine Glamour (Russia)


    for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (12-16 pieces)

    • 8 tablespoons oat flour
    • 280g rolled oats
    • 10 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
    • 1 cup milk (of your choice)
    • 1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup
    • pinch vanilla, salt, nutmeg
    • 2 teaspoons ground ginger
    • some sesame or chia seeds (to your taste)
    • 100g dark chocolate chips

    for hot chocolate (2 serves)

    • 50g dark chocolate
    • 2 tablespoons cacao
    • some water
    • juice of 1 orange
    • some mix of spices for coffee (it usually contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamom seeds, vanilla)


    Healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    1.To the bowl add oat flour, rolled oats, melted coconut oil, milk, honey, spices (vanilla, salt, nutmeg, ginger) and some sesame or chia seeds. Mix everything well. Then add chocolate chips and mix everything again.
    2.With the help of the tablespoon put some scoops of the dough on the greased baking tray and press on them a little bit to make them a bit flatter. Bake at 180°C for 18-20 minutes. Time of baking depends on the type of your oven.
    Hot chocolate with orange juice
    3.For the hot chocolate melt dark chocolate. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of cacao in a few spoons of water. Add the mixture to the melted hot chocolate, mix everything well and keep on the low heat till the mixture starts to boil. Take away from the heat, let it chill for a minute. Pour some hot chocolate into the cups, alternate with some orange juice, then finish portioning with additional hot chocolate. Add a mix of spices for coffee (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom seeds, vanilla).




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