Details: My Winter Favorites

winter favorites

Winter is finally over! And we can sigh deeply  with relief.

Actually, I kinda liked winter we had. I could count every snowy day on the fingers of my hand. And some nice treats from cosmetics, food, books and music really helped to make my winter more pleasant and easy to bear. I can’t wait to show you them! Maybe you will find something good for your spring days.

1. Belgian Fantasy Truffles With Cocoa Pieces by Belgian Chocolate Group

winter favorites

I couldn’t start my story with anything else but some sweets. You have probably heard how good Belgian chocolate is. And these truffles are a melted heaven in your mouth. Just try them.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in “Liar” and Essie nail polish in “Vanity Fairest”

winter favorites

Next stop is cosmetics. What should I say? Urban Decay Naked Palette was my Christmas present. I could not decide which palette to choose, I mean Naked or Naked3. But my husband decided for me. This palette is beautiful, you have heard it from the YouTube beauty bloggers million times. But I wonder how long it will take me to finish it? The velvety brown packaging is gorgeous but it gathers all the dust from my makeup vanity. I have to clean it all the time, that annoys me. The pigmentation of eyeshadows is great, especially with UD Primer Portion.  I should add I am not a big fan of shimmer as it turned out. My most used shades so far are Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck and Toasted (if looking from left to right)

Urban Decay Lipgloss in “Liar” was my another winter find. It turned out later the lipgloss in this particular shade is often mentioned in beauty videos on YT. Great minds think alike! I trully recommend this lipgloss. It is nourishing as UD promises, the packaging is very cute, the shades are beautiful though the color does not show up much as all in all it is a lipgloss not a lipstick. When you apply it to lips it gives a pleasant minty chilly effect. The lipgloss is not that sticky as some other lipglosses are. And it does not let the lips to dry up. You should try!

If you are a fan of nude nails and easy application, than you will definitely like Essie nail polish in “Vanity Fairest”. I have some nude colors in my nailpolish collection for those days when I do not feel like putting too much effort in an application of a nail polish. Sorry for repeating “nail polish” all the time! For a more visible finish you should apply 2-3 coats of this particular shade. It covers evenly and gives an effect of well-groomed nails. The lasting abilities of this nails polish are also on a high level. It stays on place without an addition top coat on my nails up to a week.

3. Garnier NEO Deodorant, Yves Rocher Culture BIO Nourishing Body Lotion “Honey & Organic Muesli”

winter favorites

I do not want to say a lot about these products. Garnier NEO deodorant is their new product. It dries up in a second, protect from sweating quite well. But it comes to end quicker than my Garnier mineral deodorant. Sad.

Yves Rocher Nourishing Body Lotion works well. My skin literary drinks it up immediately after I apply it. The smell is pleasant and unobtrusive. It does not leave a sticky layer on the skin. I like it!

4. Gino’s Pasta by Gino D’Acampo

winter favorites

Gino’s Pasta by Gino D’Acampo is the cooking book I have already told you about in my previous post. I love cooking. I love pasta. I love Italy. And a piece of sunny Italy in my kitchen always helps any gloomy day become brighter. If you feel depressed, cook some Italian pasta. A happy stomach will make you smile!

5. I also want to share with you two tracks I liked listening to during winter time. They are not newly released. Just some nice music you should like.

Maverick Sabre “Emotion” (Ain’t Nobody) (Three Bar Remix)  —>download the original on iTunes

Tanner Ross “Pressure” feat. Aquarius Heaven (Original Mix)

What were your favorites this winter?






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